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Your Healing Circle

Nature Connections for your health & wellbeing

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Energy Healing 

We strongly believe in the collective’s ability to bring change. That, immediate actions in a small-scale setting can make impactful changes on the grander scale. We believe that it starts with us: human beings. But to bring about change we must nurture ourselves first; and doing so alongside heart-centered people is the fuel our body just might need. 

We were not meant to go through life alone.

A listening ear; a space that nurtures belonging & safety; and a place where play, curiosity, mindfulness & meaningful connections take place we believe is the best antidote! We want all to feel safe, be loved, feel listened to, and have a sense of belonging and respect when setting foot in Nature.

While we might be the Guides, Nature is the Healer & she provides the medicine.

Where Togetherness & Belonging amongst Nature is at the core of what we do.

We encourage people of all ages to get outdoors and to nurture their relationship with the Land, its history, and all living things through different learning opportunities.

We invite you to come as you are wholeheartedly and connect with others, with yourself, and with Land.

Our hope is that you feel completely safe to tend to your needs.

We are here to hold space for you in a small & intimate setting.


About Us

Where Healing amongst & with Nature is at the core of what we do.

On the sacred & stolen lands of the Algonquin Anishinaabe territory. Whom we strive to honor, learn from, and listen to as we commit wholeheartedly to unlearn  and decolonize our ways and work towards reparation of our past & present wrongdoings. Chi-miigwech !

Here, every living being is wholeheartedly loved, accepted & respected; including

LGBTQQIP2SAA, Black, Indigenous & People of Color.

At Your Healing Circle, we offer:



An intuitive & holistic approach to healing for children & adults. 

Stefany uses a combination of intuitive approach and Reiki healing, while receiving guidance from yours & her own spiritual team to move energy where attention is needed. This, to provide release, alignment, grounding & physical healing. Sessions include a consultation beforehand and afterwards.




A private Forest Bathing Therapy session as a form of healing treatement or for your family or group - for people of all ages. Shinrin-yoku is a scientifically-proven form of stress management, and has been used and prescribed to people for decades, in Japan. Now available in the Ottawa-Gatineau area with Your Healing Circle's certified & experienced Forest Bathing Therapy Guide.



A hands-on experience for families, groups, schools, day camps or day cares in the Ottawa-Gatineau area.

We provide all the equipment necessary, a step-by-step guide, videos/presentations, zoom calls, and the fertilized eggs! With zero hassle for you, we return the chicks back to the farm once hatched.




Looking for a facilitator to run a workshop on Nature-Rooted outdoor learning and/or experience? Whether for a group of students or for your teachers, educators and/or early childhood educators (RECEs & ECEs), Stefany offers personalized workshops for people of all ages.


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In collaboration with the community & Nature, Your Healing Circle partners with other local facilitators and retreat spaces to offer the Ottawa & surrounding areas community with an array of nature connection experiences, healing retreats, workshops & events.




"I've done two reiki sessions guided by Stef. Every time I enter her space I am splashed with a wave of healing feelings. Her presence and space is incredibly calming. The music, the weighted eye bag, the cozy blankets, the candles all help bring the feelings of safeness. 

I enter with my needs in my mind, I leave with so much more insight. Stef truly has a gift, she sees what my mind and body is blocking out! She sees inside what I struggle to let out. I have just begun my healing journey, seeing Stef was one of my first steps to look outward for resources. Her intuitiveness, her calmness, her ability to bring out the resistance/ the truth I have been holding back is why I will continue to see her! 

She is a beautiful person who has so much to offer, I recommend her for your healing journey!"


Our mission

To provide a small scale, yet impactful, connection-based experience to the community through different learning opportunities, aimed towards wellbeing & therapeutic practices in the outdoors.


This currently includes:

Shinrin-yoku (Forest Bathing Therapy);

Nature-rooted outdoor learning workshops & experiences for children, teachers & educators;

Energy Healing;

Indigenous environmental learnings & discussions;

The Hatching Experience (Farm-to-table principles); and

Mindfulness and Meditations.

These, done by people with the roots, knowledge & experience in these fields.


Additionally, we have previously offered Afro-Caribbean cultural gatherings, Lunar Groundings retreats, Nature Yoga, and educational learning opportunities on how to implement environmentally sustainable behaviors -  included foraging, bush crafting, small & meaningful steps on eliminating single-use plastics, green gardening, caring for smaller livestock, and more.

Come gather in Nature with us!

About me


Welcome! I'm Stef.

My pronouns are she/her/elle and I lead with the following identities: 

Blogger on Substack where I share musings of an Introverted Witch.

Mama to humans & animals alike; intuitive energy healer & Reiki practitioner; meditation teacher; and certified Forest Bathing Therapy Guide.


Green Witch, wildcrafter of natural medicine; person who lives with a mental illness; and belonging & mental health advocate.

I am passionate about the power of community, connection, and holding space for every living being; I invite you to find solace as we gather together - sharing, learning & healing with Nature's help.

I have been designing & facilitating retreats, events & nature-rooted outdoor learning workshops and conferences since 2018, for people of all ages. This, on my own farm & in collaboration with other local farms in the Ottawa-Gatineau & surrounding areas region.


I have facilitated workshops & experiences for children, teens, teachers & educators in the Ottawa & Eastern Ottawa, Catholic & Public French & English School Boards.

Thank you for being here! I'm so glad.

TEL: 613-295-4072

Thanks! we'll get back to you shortly!

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