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Lake at Dusk

Hey There!

Let's gather together for a sundown beach date. Let's meet in real life, chat, eat, drink, and share stories of life experiences! Come by yourself, come with a friend, come with your family. All are welcomed!

This gathering is free!

Come network

This is a time to come say hi, meet me and others, in person.

We're in an era of predominantly online connections, but what about in-person connections?


I get it. I'm an introvert myself (who has major social anxiety - yup, me!) it's easier to connect via my smart phone and it's what I also tend to reach for personally. If this is also you, you ain't alone. I promise.

But, it truly doesn't compare to our in-person interactions - especially when you are with like-minded people. After bringing people together in nature for years, I see this difference. I see the impact. There's something to be said about meeting others in person, feeling the energy they give off and how we feel around them. That body language. That smile. The laughs that happen. The sharing that take place.


This is me inviting you to come join me in community and share a relaxing & easy-going evening by the water, with some comfort items.

I'll have a snack & a refreshment to share.

And you can bring whatever you feel you need to make yourself comfortable & your time enjoyable.

The event is absolutely free. The only expectation is that you come as you are with an open mind, a listening ear, and an open heart.

See you soon, Nature friend!

Beach Beds


Petrie Island

Orleans, Ontario Canada

(dogs are not aloud on the beach)

Check website for parking info

Date & Time

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

From 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Let us know that you will be joining so that we can ensure we have enough food & beverages for everyone

Email us with the amount of people coming

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