Full Moon Mindfulness Retreat

with Meghan Wills

Sunday, March 28, 2020 from 2 pm - 5 pm

15 tickets available - $65/person

An afternoon shared outdoor with mother nature - supported by Mindfulness practices and our connection to mind, body and soul. There will be a series of sacred invitations that will be offered for this full-moon in Libra. You can expect this gathering to include art, meditation, time in the forest, and plenty of time around the fire setting intentions for yourself and releasing together in a safe space. We will be honoring our ancestors, spending time in community together, followed by some afro-caribbean infused music invoking movement to release, energize & claim our belonging.

There will be treats, warm drinks, a safe space where all are welcomed; and plenty of little surprises along the way.  

Come indulge in the soothing energy and take that time for you!

When we talk about mindfulness, we also talk about being mindful of gentrified wellness and colonized appropriation of sacred Indigenous wisdom and teaching. Therefore, for this event, the following proceeds will be shared:

25% will be going to : Assembly of Seven Generations (A7G)
25% will be going to: Art 4 Social Change ~ Red Slam Collective
25% will be going to: Indigenous Roots Orleans/Ottawa East

We also invite you to take a moment to read on the incredible mission & work these people do everyday!

Please take a minute to read below our "Note on the Investment"

Reserve your spot by making your choice above, or by reaching out to us via email at hello@yourhealingcircle.com to send an e-transfer.

Tentative Schedule:

Option of arriving starting 1:30pm to enjoy the presence of nature

2:00pm - Opening circle - aromatherapy grounding & Introductions

2:45pm - Auto-walk in the forest

3:00pm - Bathroom Break

3:15pm - Communal full-moon sacred circle

4:30pm - Rhythm & Movement: Afro-Caribbean dance ritual

4:50pm - Final share & closing

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Your Guide

Meghan is a certified L1 and L2 Unified Mindfulness, Mindfulness Coach in Ottawa, ON, Canada, with a background in human resources, hospitality and philanthropy actively supporting Children, Youth and anti-discrimination related initiatives in our communities. Meghan has been recognized as a lead meditation teacher and empowerment guide successfully awarded the Founders Fund - Ideation Fund in 2020. Meghan is passionate about inclusive wellness and mental health support because of her own continued experiences as a multi-racial Black Canadian Woman (she/her) with a Jamaican heritage.

Mindfulness is accessible to harness in our emancipation of mental slavery; it empowers self-awareness, self-mastery and equanimity.

About Mindfulness Meghan service offerings:
● Individual Coaching: One on One sessions
● Group Coaching (Weekly, BIPOC and Ally specific offerings)
● Group Coaching eCourse: Becoming Self-FULL – Free Yourself with Mindfulness
● Corporate Belonging, Inclusion and Equity Workshops
● Corporate Wellness Programs (Workshops, Training and Retreats)
● Keynote and Volunteer Community Offerings
For further information on each service offered, book a call with me here.

Quote – Owning My Why:
“I have struggled to "fit in" to a mould, a job description, norms and even, my surrounding friends and family at times - but I grew from believing fitting in was important to the true freedom that comes with authenticity. Mindfulness is intersectional for me with inclusive activism: equity among differences, dismantling hate and decreasing suffering are all a part of my mission.

I do this for my daughter and everyone that has the future of humanity to think about, you understand what I mean. The future doesn't have to repeat ALL of the past and we can heal and make an impact - that's why I do this and face all my fears, every day, even when I feel like I'm barely crawling forward. I’m grateful for every small step, forward or back, there’s an opportunity in every experience.”

Mindfulness Meghan

Note on the Investment Cost:

Althought we have purchased this land & home; we don't see it as being "our land". I believe that nature is for every living being and that all should find safe space here. Pay What You Can options and Scholarships available for those who need it! Email us at hello@yourhealingcircle.com for more info.

I also acknowledge that the land upon which we gather is the traditional unceded territory of the Anishinabeg Algonquin

All retreats are non-refundable and no credits can be given at this time; but if you are unable to attend after registration is completed, we invite you to transfer your spot to someone of your choice. Please advise us if this should be the case.

A full refund will be given in the event that a program is cancelled due to insufficient registration.

The Healing Circle Farm is an outdoor retreat space and runs rain, shine or snow. In case of rain or major snow, we have access to the barn, shelters, and a fire to warm us. We ask that you watch for the day's weather conditions and dress accordingly before making your way. 

In case of severe weather storms, the event will be postponed to a later date. All participants will be contacted in advance.