The Bloom Community

One year | 4 seasons | 5 in-person retreats

+ Online Community

$444 + taxes | 5% is donated to Indigenous Roots

Please take a minute to read below our "Note on the Investment"

You have asked, and we want to help deliver!


In August 2021 we will be launching our first year-long program at the Farm. One where we will be combining our passion & love for nature, homemaking, community & connection.

You could say that it is Forest & Farm School for adults!


Alyssa & Stefany have crafted 5 in-person retreats; an online community for continued connections; immersive experiences; plenty of resources; intentional gifts; and a whole lot of magic & nature!


This Bloom Community was crafted with continuation & connection in mind.

A way to experience the energy of the 4 seasons at the Farm, with the same people! 


To bloom in friendship, bloom in connection, bloom in nature, bloom in dreams, bloom with ressources, and bloom within ourselves with deep support of like-minded people.


The Bloom Community is for you if:



You are looking to further your connection with nature, with yourself, with kindred-spirits, and 

with the natural rhythms of the seasons.


You want to dig your hands in soil & engage in homesteading practices that are simple and duplicable 


You want to experience all 4 seasons at the Farm, with the animals, in nature & in community.


You are looking to slow way down, and 

fully nourish your mind, body, soul & spirit.


You are looking to carve out more time for yourself - to deepen your craft and align it with the natural rhythms of the moon cycle


You are looking to align your head, and 

your heart to your life’s intentions.

Each retreat will include:

A Forest Bathing experience

An abundance of seasonal foods & beverages

Hands-on Homesteading

Time alone to spend in quiet contemplation

Time in community to connect & spark belonging

Creativity | Card pulls | Mindful meditations | Rituals | Seasonal gifts | Movement

Lots of animal cuddles and so much more!

Retreats Sneak Peak:

Retreat 1 | Full Moon | Celebrate!

Saturday, August 21, 2021 from 3:30pm to 8:30pm

Themes: Harvest | Indulge | Celebrate | Festive | Abundance

We start on the Full Moon and we hope to catch a good glance at her too. But regardless, we know that she’ll be shining her beams on us! This will be a time to celebrate & give thanks for our individual journeys thus far & all that has come to pass. A cheers to ourselves & well wishes for what’s to come. We will spark new friendships & connect with Mother Nature from sunshine to sundown. Dinner will be included.

Retreat 2 | Waning Crescent | Self-Love & Rest

Sunday, October 3, 2021 from 1pm to 5pm

Themes: Slowing Down | Rest | Declutter | Letting-go | Self-Love

We will gather for a day of rest & to pamper ourselves. We will honour ourselves and each step of our own individual journeys. In the same way that the beauty of fall is at its peak in October, we will bloom through our own beauty in turn. We will honour our bodies, remind ourselves of our worthiness & love. We will flow & move with grace; and we will make space for plenty of themed elements.

Retreat 3 | New Moon | New Beginnings

Saturday, December 4, 2021 from 1pm to 5pm

Themes: Resilience | Saving energy | Cocooning | Holidays | Intention setting

New Moons are a time to set new intentions & let-go of what no longer serves us. What better time to weave & craft new intentions for 2022 then the month beforehand! We will celebrate 2021 together in community & we will hone-in on the energy of new beginnings with gratitude & connecting intentions! All sealed in one of our famous cocoons.

Retreat 4 | “Check-in” Retreat | Waxing Gibbous | Keep Going

Saturday, February 12, 2021 from 6:30pm to 8:30pm

Theme: Reconnecting during hibernation

We are calling this “check in” retreat The Cocktail Before the Final Meal. 

Let’s meet-up for a playful retreat in snow, underneath the stars! We will bundle-up, move our bodies through snowshoeing, enjoy the warm fire, and indulge in warm food & drinks. Oh, and there will be some special sparks as we connect together!


Retreat 5 | Waning Gibbous | Opening | Spring Equinox

Sunday, March 20, 2022 ~ 11am to 4pm

Themes: Thawing | New beginning | Shifting | Seeding | Shedding | Nurturing

There’s a shift in the energy at Spring Equinox. We are opening ourselves & our hearts to receive the unlimited abundance of the universe. The transitions between cold & snow into warmth & sunshine is taking place. When new beginnings arise, healing from within is heightened. The longer days are bringing hope; animals are going outside more; and the body & mind is shedding. A new start & new life is so close at this time!

A great time to bid farewell & well-wishes to each other as a community.

Lunch will be included.

We hope that you’ll join us! There’s a place for you here!

Meet your Guides

Owner & Co-creator of The Healing Circle Farm, Stefany is a mama to humans & animals alike; energy-shifter; and lover of nature, stillness & slow living.

She is passionate about the power of community, connection, and holding space for all in Nature. She is a certified meditation teacher & soon to be certified Forest Therapy Guide.

"I often get asked if I was born & raised in a farming environment; and the answer is no. From a young age there was always this energy pulling me towards nature; and growing up, we spent lots of time outdoors. You could say I grew up around gardening, homesteading & cats and dogs; but farm animals & farming was unknown to me. Throughout the years I learned a lot by doing, researching, investing time & money into learning, and by making lots of mistakes. If there's a will to learn and do, then there is a way through small & managable steps."

Stef has made it her mission to believe in yourself, your abilities & your capacity to really bring your intensions to reality.

Co-Director and Co-Founder of Wild Roots Nature and Forest School, Alyssa Delle Palme, is a certified Forest Therapy Guide through the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides and Programs. She is also a certified Forest School Practitioner through the Child and Nature Alliance of Canada. Alyssa’s Forest Bathing programs have been delivered to people of all ages. Participants have been as young as infants in her Nature Babies class. Children from Wild Roots participate in Forest Bathing practices year-round. Alyssa has offered sessions for yoga instructors, school teachers, family groups and seniors. She has also offered Forest Bathing sessions to the public at local festivals including Tree Fest Ottawa. In collaboration with Forest Therapy Ottawa, Alyssa has delivered a session to over twenty OBGYN doctors/residents from local hospitals. Alyssa has graduated with honours from both the Canadian College of Performing Arts in Victoria B.C and from the Broadcast Journalism program at Loyalist College in Belleville, ON. Her news, sports and entertainments stories have been heard over the airwaves in Ottawa (CIDG), Moncton, New Brunswick (CFQM) and Smithers, British Columbia (CFBV). She has been published in the Ottawa Citizen and Ottawa Family Living Magazine. Alyssa is passionate about the outdoors and wants to help people deepen their connection to nature.

Forest Baithing Meditation Retreat Plant
Stef Animals Plantagenet Retreat

Note on the Investment Cost:

All retreats are non-refundable and no credits can be given at this time; but if you are unable to attend after registration is completed, we invite you to transfer your spot to someone of your choice. Please advise us if this should be the case.

We have payment plan options available. Please reach out to discuss further.

A full refund will be given in the event that a program is cancelled due to insufficient registration.

Options will be given should the program have to be altered due to Covid-19 Provincial restrictions.

The Healing Circle Farm is an outdoor retreat space and runs rain, shine or snow. In case of rain or major snow, we have access to the barn, shelters, and a fire to warm us. We ask that you watch for the day's weather conditions and dress accordingly before making your way. 

In case of severe weather storms, the event will be postponed to a later date. All participants will be contacted in advance.