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Woodland Wizarding Class

What is Nature & Farm School? Read about it here!

Woodland Wizarding Class has been crafted with the Forest School philosophy in mind with an

extra spark of magick!

Children will be provided with tools and invitations that will help them build upon the trust & intuition found within themselves - alongside nature’s help. They will be invited to exercise the power of intent, affirmation, and mindfulness. They will be encouraged to foster their own personal inner magick by :


Crafting with intention & wish;

 Wand creation;

Journaling in their person Grimoires;

Songs & storytelling; and

 Potion making over the fire.


At Woodland Wizarding Class, children will be invited to express themselves creatively and shown how small acts of kindness can make a difference to Nature & peers. Through Forest Bathing invitations, children will learn how to practice a mindful presence while noticing the small signs of Magick in their surroundings.


Lastly, there will be conversations around listening & honoring our bodies, the phases of the moon, the different rhythms of the year, and a special Samhain celebration.


Even though there will be curated invitations, children will still be partaking in free Forest School play during our time together - fostering curiosity, play & imagination. 


We hope that your child(ren) can join us in the woods this Fall!

Woodland Wizarding Class


Saturdays | 5 classes | 10:00 am to 12:00 pm

Children ages: 7-11 years old

$200/child | FULL / COMPLET

September 23 & 30, October 14, 21 & 28

Location: Expérience Unik

Hammond, ON


Note on the Investment Cost:

All programs are non-refundable and no credits can be given at this time; but if you are unable to attend after registration is completed, we invite you to transfer your spot to someone of your choice. Please advise us if this should be the case.

We have payment plan options available. Please reach out to discuss further.

A full refund will be given in the event that a program is cancelled due to insufficient registration.

Options will be given should the program have to be altered due to Covid-19 Provincial restrictions.

Our programs take place in the Nature, based on the notion that there is no such thing as bad weather. Therefore, our programs run rain, shine or snow. We ask that you watch for the day's weather conditions and dress accordingly before making your way. 

In case of severe weather storms, the event will be postponed to a later date. All participants will be contacted in advance.

Meet your Guide

Stefany Pagé-Douville (Stef) is a Mom to humans & animals alike; Plant & tree spirit communicator; Intuitive Healer & Reiki Practitioner; Meditation teacher; and certified Forest Bathing Therapy Guide. Her pronouns are she/her/elle. Stefany is a mental health advocate. She is passionate about the power of magick through intention, community, connection, and holding space for every living being. Her primary work focuses on inviting people of all ages to find solace & belonging in nature, whilst sharing & learning about its resources together.


Stef has been facilitating gatherings and nature experiences on the unceded, unsurrendered & stolen lands of the Algonquin Anishinabeg people through her own business, Your Healing Circle, since 2018. Stef has worked alongside numerous Ottawa organizations & communities. She continues to deepen her connection with Land through learning opportunities of Land Stewardship with these organizations, with an open-heart & a listening ear.


Stef has completed the Nature-Rooted comprehensive program design mentorship through Forest Schooled and continues to be mentored by Caylin Gans. In June 2022 she completed the North Star outdoor survival skills program with Coyote Programs in Kahnawake, QC. Lastly, she is also currently working through the Therapeutic Skills for Outdoor Leaders (with a focus on children) certification through The Therapeutic Forest organization.


Come slow down and connect to self & nature with her.

What is Farm & Nature School

The Nature & Forest School Philisophy

Nature & Forest School is an all-year around outdoor educational program. Learning happens through the natural sciences of the rhythms of the seasons. It is through observation, active listening, fostering curiosity & child-lead play that learning through these changes will happen in the Nature. Mother Nature is the teacher, and we are her students.


We believe in letting children’s curiosities and interests lead the way.

This is also why school’s attendance is at a low ratio.


Throughout the program, children will be guided through hands-on learning that may also look like:

  • Farm animals caring and the different stages of growth

  • Land & animal tending through the different seasons

  • Coexisting with Wildlife

  • Plant identification, foraging and making natural medicines

  • Animal Tracking

  • Fire building

  • Shelter Building

  • Wood crafting

  • Gardening


“Let us go forth with our pupils into the child’s natural laboratory where, together, we may find the birds and insects of the air, the living animals of field and wood, the trees and flowers and shrubs, the water and the earth, the sun and other stars – things which will attract and hold the child’s eye, arouse his wonder, stimulate his inquiries, and give him opportunities for discovery.” – J. A. Patridge (Natural Science Through the Seasons – 1955)


Our school's philosophy is based on much of the same philosophies & benefits outlined in Forest Schools’ programming. 


“There are a few common threads that help define what Forest School is:

  • It takes place entirely outside, all year round, in all weather (except for dangerous weather conditions like extreme temperatures, extreme winds, or thunderstorms)

  • It supports the holistic development and needs of the participants

  • It's learner-led and includes time for free exploration and play 

  • It promotes appropriate levels of risk-taking, like climbing trees, fire lighting, and using tools”

~ (Forest Schooled, 2018)

Why Nature & Forest School?


  • It’s an opportunity for children to build individual resilience, self-confidence & trust within themselves through risky-play in Nature. 2020-2021 has shown us that navigating the unexpected, and building resiliency, is a much needed life skill to have.


  • It’s an opportunity for children to expand individual awareness of environmental impacts, where food comes from, and their connection & appreciation to nature & its living beings. This through their growing understanding & appreciation for the ecosystem, its diversity & trust in the science of Nature’s life-cycles.


  • Ongoing studies have proven the benefits & importance of empowering children through:


  • Child-led learning through free-play & curiosity, without the overinvolvement of adult intervention (Peter Gray, 2013; J. A. Patridge, 1955; Outdoor Play Canada)

  • Time spent outdoors which in turn provides a whole-holistic health (Richard Louv, 2008)

  • Spending time in gardens & with animals - as there is a persuasive amount of evidence of the benefits & therapeutic value of this. (Richard Louv, 2008)


“nature experiences “help children understand the realities of natural systems through primary experience. They demonstrate natural principles such as networks, cycles, and evolutionary processes. They teach that nature is a uniquely regenerative process.” An appreciation of these patterns is essential in fostering creativity, which of course is not the sole domain of the arts, but of science and even politics.” ~ Richard Louv (2008)

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