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Woodland Wizarding Class

What is Nature & Farm School? Read about it here!

Woodland Wizarding Class has been crafted with the Forest School philosophy in mind with an

extra spark of magick!

Children will be provided with tools and invitations that will help them build upon the trust & intuition found within themselves - alongside nature’s help. They will be invited to exercise the power of intent, affirmation, and mindfulness. They will be encouraged to foster their own personal inner magick by :


Crafting with intention & wish;

 Wand creation;

Journaling in their person Grimoires;

Songs & storytelling; and

 Potion making over the fire.


At Woodland Wizarding Class, children will be invited to express themselves creatively and shown how small acts of kindness can make a difference to Nature & peers. Through Forest Bathing invitations, children will learn how to practice a mindful presence while noticing the small signs of Magick in their surroundings.


Lastly, there will be conversations around listening & honoring our bodies, the phases of the moon, the different rhythms of the year, and a special Samhain celebration.


Even though there will be curated invitations, children will still be partaking in free Forest School play during our time together - fostering curiosity, play & imagination. 


We hope that your child(ren) can join us in the woods!

Our programs now run under the Wild Fauna Nature Play umbrella.

Please visit their website for current & future program offerings. 

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