Meditation & Reiki

An New Moon Group Gathering

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&    Stefany

Join us on
Wednesday, November 23, 2023 - SOLD OUT
from 7:00pm - 8:30pm

at Amy's Little Plant Shop
2848 Laurier Street, Unit 3, Rockland, Ontario

Energy Exchange: $40

(make sure to check your spam/junk folder for our email confirmation and even details)

In honor of the New Moon, we will gather together in a small & intimate setting for some time of reflection, intention setting & energy shifting. There will be a guided meditation, group & individual Reiki, as well as journaling.

Topped with comfort items such a cozy blankets, candles, warm tea and soothing sounds. All amongst the healing energies of plants!

You're in for a real energetical treat!

What is Reiki?

Reiki is the universal life force, channeled. When we hurt, our instinct is to bring our hands to the body to help soothe. When we seek comfort, we ask for a hug. When a child hurts themselves, a parent is there with a loving touch. The healing touch is innate.

Our body resonates at specific frequencies and Reiki works to increase the vibration in your body to create pathways to healing. The vibration of the Reiki practitioner influences the vibration of the client. A practitioner is the conduit for this universal vibe.

Each living being has an energetic field referred to as subtle bodies - like wheels of energy. These wheels are running constantly around our hearts and throughout our bodies (e.g. our chakras); and the state of the wheels become the state of our life (our work, our family, our relationships, etc.). When things happen in our life, these wheels are affected and together in Reiki we can co-regulate and rise the vibrations in a safe space. 

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Offering Details

We start at 7:00 pm and settle in a seated or lying position amongst the plants. Stef will then be guiding the group through a meditation, followed by group Reiki. We will close the event with guided journaling accompanied by warm tea.

Individual Reiki will also be offered for those who want.

Energy Exchange: $40

(make sure to check your spam/junk folder for our emails confirmation and even details)

You are encouraged to bring anything to make yourself extra comfortable (pillow, eye pillow, extra blankets, etc.)

You will be set-up on a gravity chair (for those who do not want to lie on the ground.)

Otherwise, let yourself be guided into a state of bliss. Let us, and the plants, take care of you during this time together!

We look forward to guiding you through this offering!

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Note on the Investment Cost:

All retreats are non-refundable and no credits can be given at this time; but if you are unable to attend after registration is completed, we invite you to transfer your spot to someone of your choice. Please advise us if this should be the case.

Options will be given should the program have to be altered due to low registrations or any changes in the Covid-19 Provincial restrictions.