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Energy Healing 

A holistic treatment that involves accessing the physical, emotional & energetical systems as a whole for optimal healing.

Offering 30 minutes to 1hr sessions
for children (7+) & adults alike


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Before entering the energy field, a human connection takes place. 

A conversation to get to know Stef, chat expectations, and provide consent. The client (incl. children) is then invited to express their intention, needs, and anything else they wish to share, prior  to the energy healing. Following the treatment, a closing exchange takes place over tea & snack (optional), where Stef shares messages, guidance, and what transpired during the session. Reciprocally, the clientis also invited to share, if desired.

{guardians of children are invited to stay during the session if they wish}



The space & environment has been specifically curated to guide the client into a safe, supported & nurturing environment - surrounded by nature's healing elements - while accessing that Liminal Space during treatment.

The client's senses are engaged through curated nature sounds & melodies, aromatherapy & incense, candles, cozy blankets, crystals, eye mask, dark & rich colors, and herbal tea & snack (all optional).

Fully nurtured and supported during their session.



Although principles of Reiki may be used during treatment, Stef relies heavily on her psychic abilities to moves, release, cleanse and bring in energy into the body, soul, and field surrounding the client. When consent is given, Stef uses gentle touch (hands, feet, legs, shoulders, head); as well connects to her plant allies and the client's spirit team for guidance.


With the help of her clairsentience & clairaudience abilities, Stef's intuitive gifts involve feeling the physical & emotional ailments herself, which also guides the healing energy session and post-conversation

Healing starts with your active participation in taking personal agency. 

Stef, nature, and your spirit team are there but to guide you within & through, and provide support. 

Nothing supernatural will happens. It starts & ends with your intention prior and integration after.





  in our mini enchanting forest healing space  




  in our private yard, with firepit & noise cancelling headphones  

Online Meditation



  In the comfort of your home  

*Outdoor sessions available when weather is

between +10 C - +30 C

What Clients Say

"I've done two reiki sessions guided by Stef. Every time I enter her space I am splashed with a wave of healing feelings. Her presence and space is incredibly calming. The music, the weighted eye bag, the cozy blankets, the candles all help bring the feelings of safeness. 

I enter with my needs in my mind, I leave with so much more insight. Stef truly has a gift, she sees what my mind and body is blocking out! She sees inside what I struggle to let out. I have just begun my healing journey, seeing Stef was one of my first steps to look outward for resources. Her intuitiveness, her calmness, her ability to bring out the resistance/ the truth I have been holding back is why I will continue to see her! 

She is a beautiful person who has so much to offer, I recommend her for your healing journey!"


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